About Us

A team of young technicians from JAYASHREE GROUP saw a dream–Indigenous manufacture of world class Incremental Optical Encoders –a high tech product requiring fusion of skills in the fields of Optics, Electronics as well as mechanical engineering! Rather hard to realize dream! With grit and determination the project became a reality in the year 1997 with excellent technical support from Encoder Products Co. USA (EPC) www.encoder.com

This young work force, thoroughly trained by very senior technicians from EPC and supported by precision assembling and testing equipment, now meets small urgent requirements within 24 hrs and bulk quantity demands on programmed delivery basis.

Over the decade the company has built a wide range of models to meet a large variety of industrial applications. The product, range now includes high precision Hollow and Solid shaft Encoders for applications in Textile, Inkjet Printing, Packaging, Elevator, Machine Tools and Material Handling Machinery